ab doer twist accessories

Ab Doer Power Resistance Rods

Add extra power to your Ab-Doer Twist with 3 levels of resistance options; Light, Medium and Advanced.

Ab Doer Tri-Roller

Triples the benefits of a single roller as it reaches all of the back muscles give you a complete spine stretching.

Ab Doer Extreme Workout DVD

Get challenged with John Abdo and his Doer team guiding you through the most motivating and diverse ABDOBICS workout session.

Ab Doer Power Resistance Kit

Target specific areas. Recommended for Arms and Legs.

Stainless Steel Powerstick Kitchen System

Exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand- that is why we are offering the 5 piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Training Package FREE- simply pay the $12.95 shipping and processing. The Powerstick makes chopping, mixing and blending your way to healthy meals and shakes a snap!

Motivational Package (Scale, Calendar & Measuring Tape)

With the Motivational Package, you get the Body Mass Scale which determines body fat, hydration, muscle, bone percentage and calories. Because of its high precision sensor, you get your exact weight every time.
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