ab doer twist frequently asked questions

Question: How do I lose weight in my belly (or hips, butt, thighs, waist)?

Answer: Some experts claim there is no such thing as spot reduction. But don’t worry – you can lose it fat right where you need to most when you have the right tools! In addition to it’s incredible abdominal toning benefits, the AB-DOer® Twist™ machine is great for sculpting the muscles in your legs, buns and thighs to help you get that beautiful defined look. For the best results, follow the AB-DOer® Twist™ 4-Week Healthy Eating Plan closely to lose the most body fat in the least amount of time. And remember: Be patient achieving the best results takes dedication and commitment.

Question: Can I skip meals?

Answer: Short answer: No. Starving yourself and cutting calories is the wrong way to go about losing weight. When you drastically restrict your caloric intake (below 1200 calories a day) your metabolism slams on the brakes and goes into fat-storage mode. Keep your calories in the 1200-1500 range to optimize your success potential.

Question: Can I use the AB-DOer® Twist™ machine more frequently?

Answer: Of course! Experiment with different exercises and combinations, as well as varied body positions with the music of your choice for a killer workout. For even better results, you can exercise more than once a day.

Question: Can fat turn into muscle?

Answer: Although it might seem like that is what is happening, your body doesn’t work that way since fat and muscle are two totally different things. When you begin strength training, you will likely gain muscle at the same time as you are burning fat, so yes, one is replacing the other in your body, but neither is ‘becoming’ the other one, so to speak.

Question: I have been at this for a few weeks, and am not losing any weight – what gives?

Answer: Do your clothes fit differently? Do you look and feel tighter in your legs, hips and waist? Then you are probably gaining muscle and losing fat simultaneously. Muscle is tighter and denser than fat, and though you are not losing pounds on the scale, you’re losing inches all over. Think of it this way: a pound of lead (muscle) fits in the palm of your hand while a pound of cotton balls (fat) could fill a bathtub. Which one takes up less space? Muscle. Therefore, as you lose inches, you’re getting smaller, tighter and leaner, which means you’re losing a lot of fat. But since you’re simultaneously replacing it with denser, heavier muscle, you’re not losing scale weight even though you’re getting smaller. For now, go by how your clothes fit and how you look rather than your scale weight. Weigh yourself no more than once a week to avoid getting discouraged. Eventually your scale weight will catch up with your progress, we promise!

Question: I’m sore – is this normal?

Answer: Yes. It’s totally normal to feel sore or stiff after your workouts, especially if you’ve been sedentary for a long while. Take some extra time to stretch during the day or take a hot bath and relax if you’re feeling sore. If you are excessively sore, take a few days off to recover. Take a slow walk and get the blood flowing without too much exertion and stretch your sore muscles thoroughly. If your pain is sharp and/or relentless, however, take a trip to the physician to make sure it’s not a more serious problem.

Question: Where does alcohol fit into my nutrition plan?

Answer: Alcohol is an entity unto itself, as it doesn’t fit neatly into any particular nutrient category. But all you really have to know is that it contains a lot of calories that provide little nutritional value to your body, and can contribute to weight gain, a slower metabolism and fatty deposits in the liver. If you’re really striving for optimal weight loss, keep your tippling to no more than one or two alcoholic drinks per week.

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