AB DOER TWIST Workout Tips

  1. To increase the challenge when using your AB-DOer® Twist™ machine, condition yourself to maintain constant motion without hesitation.
  2. You can also increase the challenge by positioning the Contouring Arm Bars over your shoulders; then you can alternate the Contouring Arm Bars under-your-arms.
  3. Performing your motions in a coordinated fashion will provide a greater degree of skill improvement and muscle control, and you’ll burn more fat, quicker!
  4. Feel free to add resistance by inserting any one of the Resistance Rods, or by turning the Swivel-Action Seat’s resistance dial.
  5. If you fatigue in any position simply:
    • Change to another movement, or
    • Slow down the speed, or
    • Reduce the range-of-motion, or
    • Return the Arm Bar to underneath your arms, or
    • Lower the resistance on the Swivel-Action dial, or
    • STOP, your workout has ended – congratulate yourself.
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