Millions of people from around the world experienced the original AB-DOer®, but now it's time for a quantum leap forward-- the AB DOER TWIST ™, the 360-degree approach to total-body fitness.

To get in great shape you have to do muscle toning and aerobic activity. With the AB DOER TWIST ™ you do muscle toning and aerobic training at the same time - and ALL from a seated position.

Ab Doer user and Olympic Champion Summer Sanders

In just minutes a day, you'll experience a fun and exhilarating total-body workout. the core support column and contoured arm bars support you in the perfect position to achieve maximum results. Only the Abdoer's patented torsion-flex technology fires up muscles that other exercises simply can't reach-- your lower abs, upper abs, obliques, even your back.

You're aligned, you're stable, and you're being supported. This lets you use your muscles much more effectively, with less stress and less strain - plus the foam roller gives you a revitalizing, therapeutic massage every time.

Swimming Champion Summer Sanders represented the United States at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, becoming a hero for her four medal-winning performance: 2 golds, a silver and a bronze. She also won eight national championships.

After retiring from her swimming career, Summer became a Network Broadcaster and is currently in Celebrity Apprentice.

Summer:'When I was training for the olympics, I worked out daily for hours and hours. Now, as a busy mother of two young children, I'm lucky to find just a few minutes for myself each day. That's why i was so excited to discover the Abdoer Twist. It's so much fun. In fact, I call it the nonworkout workout, because really it takes no time at all. Get the Ab Doer for yourself. You have nothing to lose except the inches off your waistline'


  Ab Doer Twist Accessories

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Resistance Rods

Ab Doer Tri-Roller

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Workout DVD

Ab Doer Power
Resistance Kit

Stainless Steel Powerstick Kitchen System

All the people you see in our show and on this website are not paid actors; they are real 'everyday' people who made the decision to commit to the "Doer Challenge", and their results are phenomenal. Now it's your turn to lose the fat, tone the muscle, and have the body of your dreams! AB Doer Twist is specifically designed for safe use by people under 300 pounds.

In a 60-day trial following the ABDOER TWIST system, on average Healthy men lost 7.75 lbs , 2 inches from their waist, 43.4% of their body fat. Overweight and Obese men lost 21.4 lbs, 5.8 inches from their waist, 24.8% of their body fat. Healthy women lost 4.5 lbs, 3.6 inches from their waist, 17.9% of their body fat. Overweight and Obese women lost 9.3 lbs, 5.5 inches from their waist, 11.8% of their body fat.

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